Just in case you forgot... There is more to photography than crossing your arms and leaning on a brick wall.

In a world where digital cameras are cheap the question arises if professional photography is dead.  To me photography is about lighting, body language, and the experience.  Lighting people is a true art form that will ever differentiate excellent photography from the mediocre.  Posing is also so much more than posing.  It is body language.  They say that body language makes up eighty percent of our communication.  Without a some coaching the average person will look tense and awkward in front of a camera, but I am here to make sure that you like what your body language says about you!
It is easier to relax and a be confident that you will look amazing when you have a legit photographer who knows how to bring out the best in you.



Inspiration & Clothing

If you can't decide what to wear just bring your closet!

My inspiration comes from my models, their wardrobe and the locations. Lets pic a general location and an outfit and then watch my head explode with ideas and specific locations. I love finding the perfect location to show of a look.
It is better to have more options than not enough when it come to clothing, so bring a suitcase!

Why not add a night shoot?

Nocturnal photography is very niche and therefore cool and different.  This is one of my absolute favorite ways to shoot because it is so challenging and rewarding.  Cameras see very differently in night than we do which adds a surreal element that just can't be achieved any other way. 

The Human Face

"The human face is the most beautiful thing in the world"

As a highly self critical artist I realized I could cheat the system and produce beautiful art simply by photographing my friends in a moment of when they are self unaware.  These photos are a reward in and of themselves and are my constant motivation to create new art. I am a through and through portrait photographer.  There is nothing more beautiful than the human face featuring beauty is the essence of what I do.

Senior Photography by Kyle Bultman-1

Limitless Options


Studio Shoot
1.5 hours, 3 outfits

Quick Outdoor Shoot
1 hour, 1 location, 2 outfits

Outdoor Shoot
2 hours, 2 locations, 3 outfits

Complete Outdoor Shoot
3 hours, 2 locations, 5 outfits

Night Shoot
1.5 hours, 1 location 2 outfits

Print & Digital

Package One
Print credit of $250
Retouching on 10 photos of your choice
Digital copy of the 10 retouched photos

Package Two
Print credit of $400
Retouching on 15 photos of your choice
Digital copy of the 15 retouched photos
Digital copy of all proofs

Mix and match outdoor, studio, and night photo shoots for a truly custom experience. Sessions can be scheduled back to back or at different times to allow a change in hair and makeup.  The session fee is due up front to book your photo shoot.

Digital photos may be shared online, but printing rights are not offered as I prefer to ensure that all print reproductions are of the best quality.

How many shoes is too many?

There is no right or wrong answer to this!  You may be surprised that in the majority of photos your shoes are cropped out of the photo, but if you love the full body fashion style photos, then why not show off those shoes.

Meet the photographer

kyle bultman photography-01

Why Photography?

I'm in love with photographing people.  It is the pursuit of creating something new that spurs me on.   I live the to experience those moments in a shoot where the light, model, and environment all converge into create something new and beautiful.


Who is Kyle Bultman?

I have made my living photographing people for my entire adult life.  (10 years and running).  I'm not editing or taking photos I am probably playing beach volleyball, mountain biking or hanging out with my church family.

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